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#footfetish #shoefetish #footsmell I slipped into my brandnew ZENTAI suit and over that suit I layered two pairs of WOLFORD tights (one for the legs and one pair for my arms) and a SPANDEX leotard.

A #feetlovers & #footlovers paradise: Getting treated by my mistress #nylonclad #feet.

As I said: Those tights are most definetely the finest #hosiery I ever had on my #legs and since I have an extreme #footfetish this was a great #pantyhoseadventure.

Pinterest, unlike Instagram and other photo-sharing websites, is a money-maker for some users and thus the importance of a fully-functional site and mobile application.

The customer service email communication between Pinterest and users is the only means of directly contacting an agent.

The machine asks for the name, email address and brief message about why you want Pinterest to contact you.

The i Phone and Android apps aren’t without issues, but the company is steadily working to create a stable version that customers can use to share photos.

Pinterest will not likely return calls from customers unless there is an issue the company needs to resolve.

Problems with personal accounts should be addressed on the support page.

After we are finished with you, you're helplessly bound. I will tie her up and geg her as well while you watch, turned on and disbelieving... The two of you in bondage with ballgags stuffed in your mouth!

#femdom #shoeplay #shoedangling @bondishboys: Jon has all the time in world to #worship the #feet & #heels of his #mistress LADY RENEE.

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