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I then realized that he had asked us to mind his store while he retrieved our laundry!

There was the tuk tuk driver, Fawmy, we had used in Haputale.

Alford, a resident of the Halbert Community, died February 17 in the Memorial Hospital.

Albeit somewhat chaotic, a life where people are truly connected by the ordinary moments of daily life. Moments that are not able to be captured on camera.

When the bus passed Diyaluma Falls, the driver motioned for me to take a picture. A few minutes later, he stopped the bus, looked at me and said, “Get out! ” I hopped out and snapped a few pictures while the entire bus load waited! Emily, my daughter, and I went to pick up our laundry in Arugam Bay and it wasn’t ready and waiting.

The shopkeeper made a quick call, hopped on his motorbike, and was gone.

She was the mom for her girls in the Beta Sigma Phi Service Sorority in Canadian.

She had lived in Coleman for the past 30 years and was a member of First Baptist Church.

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