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Other: there were many varieties of tops as you can see in the examples, so if the top is not crown and not screw, then rely on the other two factors (sides seams and base type) to date your bottle dating whiskey bottles.Top type (for examples, see click here): matthews gravitating stopper: date after 1864 dating whiskey bottles.Abm: if the side seams run thru the top of the lip, then the bottle is abm (made by an automatic bottle machine).Crown top: date after 1892 (when crown top was invented).These colonies served as trading posts for the richly ornamental bronze works, textiles, and pottery that Corinth produced.Beginning in 582 BC, in the spring of every second year the Isthmian Games were celebrated in honor of the sea god Poseidon.I am an accountant by profession, not a historian, political scientist, economist, or scientist, and this essay should to be read with that in mind.Although male gods dominated Greek mythology, women were also present, if subservient.

The Roman Republic begins expanding across Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East.

They can live with that, whatever weirdness they have inside of them.

So, if they bring me back, I'm shooting for second.”While we had Paul, we also got his take on the news that his season 18 pals, Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel, are dating.

It is partly a historical document of what it was like to live in those times, and was rather dated in ways in 2014, when I revised it.

My energy and the human journey essay, published in 2014, will be periodically updated, but this essay likely will not be revised much in the future.

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