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Previously, we have shown a solid corner-cube array panel that becomes transparent upon introduction of index-matching fluid that has high transmission switching up to 20 degrees angle.

Here, we show a structure consisting of two one-dimensional solid corner reflector arrays with the layers having rotated axes, and we show high transmission switching up to 60 degrees.

This will be followed by discussions of several ultrasonic measurement techniques including the generation of second harmonic and nonlinear wave mixing.

High performance triboelectric nanogenerator using polyimide aerogel for energy harvesting and active sensing Paper 10601-4 Author(s): Hani E. Therefore, developing high performance TENG systems is a very attractive topic for practical applications.

This study presents a highly efficient and extra light-weight TENG system using polyimide aerogel as the main electricity generation component.

This will demonstrate that the basic UQ goal is to ascertain uncertainties inherent to parameters, initial and boundary conditions, experimental data, and models themselves to make predictions with improved and quantified accuracy.

The use of data, to improve the predictive accuracy of models, is central to uncertainty quantification so it is natural to next provide an overview of how Bayesian techniques can be used to construct distributions for model inputs.

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