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Be it known to you that the telegraphic remittance process has been concluded and the funds is now available for immediate online transfer into your nominated bank account.

In regards to the transfer process of your funds, you are expected to follow the simple instruction given to you to effect a success transfer of your funds Note: Your funds was deposited by GOMEK FINANCE GROUP INC.

And the cost of transfer by Western Union will only be 5 you are to choose this option, all you need to do is to send down your full name and your house address to enable us transfer your loan to you successfully . There is a little charges attached to this loan before it can be transferred.

Info needed for western union transfer Receiver's Name.... You are required to pay for the legal Administrative charges which is only said to be Five Hundred and Twenty Dollars (0). Johnson explained the insurance was that if I was unable to make the payments for any reason then the insurance would make the payments. We've been offered this type of "disability" or "credit-life" type policy before on other loans.

Please be advised to make Payment for the required charges to our senior appraiser expert with the payment option below via WESTERN UNION: Receivers name: Vickie Bowles, Address: 1006 N Road 54 Pasco, WA 99301 USA Amount to be sent: 0 USD Once payment is made, you are to provide the following Western Union transfer information,if possible email us the scan copy of the payment slip as well. He said "make sure if Western Union asks who you are sending the money to, just tell them it's a friend, or a relative.

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I needed to call Western Union and see what was going on.Once payment is received it take about 8 banking hours before the first lodgment is made to your bank account, Also note that an account will be given to you which all monthly payments will be made to when the time is due. He tells me to wire the money to Cheralyn Cole in Pickering, Ontario Canada.Kind regards, Edwards Morgan Below is description of how EZ-Axsgroup tries to scam consumers: (Please rememeber to NEVER pay upfront money for a loan because it is always a scam) I applied for a loan through on July 4th. He assured me that I had been approved for ,500 however, since my credit was less than perfect I needed to secure my loan. Ok, I work for a commercial insurance company, and it's not unusual for "specialty" insurance to be underwritten in another country. Johnson back with the MTCN, and he advises that the money would be direct deposited into my checking account within 1 to 2 hours.I told them it wasn't really any of their business. She tells me thank you for being honest, but we WILL NOT release the funds. As of July 14th, their phone numbers have been disconnected.The lady on the phone than asked me "Is this money to pay for an insurance policy to get a loan? I filed a complaint with the BBB, and the mail sent to the address in the website had been returned to the BBB as undeliverable. I have tried getting in touch with ez-axs group, but have had no luck.

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