Mandating the hpv vaccine kansas bill

We opposed this bill and others like it that have come before it because they have nothing to do with health.

These bills are part of a documented political strategy used by forced vaccination supporters to instigate a hostile community environment against those using exemptions to lead to the removal of vaccine exemptions.“Immunization supporters thus could do more to highlight the sympathetic figures on their side, such as immune-compromised children who rely on herd immunity, or unvaccinated people who contracted vaccine-preventable diseases and regret not being vaccinated…”For example, a bill could require that schools and day care centers publicly post or distribute to parents the percentage of students with vaccine exemptions or the percentage of staff who have received a flu shot or whooping cough booster, as news coverage of disease outbreaks has raised public awareness about the unvaccinated.

Mike Pence said his administration is looking into objections being raised by religious conservatives after the State Department of Health sent letters to parents who haven’t vaccinated their children for a type of cervical cancer.

The letter was sent to about 305,000 parents of Indiana children with no record of having started the three-dose vaccine for human papilloma virus, or HPV.

for more detailed information including links to the bills themselves and direct links to your State representatives.

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21 to parents of children with no record of having started the HPV series in the state immunization information system, which is called the Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program.

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Please acknowledge NVIC as originators of this work when forwarding to members of the public and like-minded organizations.Virginia NVIC State Director Kathi Williams expresses her gratitude for everyone who came together to educate legislators.Both HB 1533 and SB 1519 would have mandated meningitis vaccines.The letter encourages them to have their children vaccinated.Micah Clark, executive director of the socially conservative American Family Association of Indiana, raised concerns in an email to his supporters after he received a letter regarding his 14-year-old daughter.

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