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Our ruling Speaking at the Democratic National Convention, Maloney said Trump is "against marriage equality" and "wants to go back" on the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.

Trump has consistently opposed same-sex marriage in interviews since 2000.

Likewise, it is natural to walk, because eventually those two legs will develop into limbs capable of walking.

By contrast, it is supernatural for a human being to have wings, because our parents don’t have wings; likewise, it is supernatural to fly without the help of machines, because if you don’t have wings, you can’t develop the power to fly.

So, if “natural” means “happens according to the ordinary course of events,” then the first premise is false: what we are born with is not always natural. Second Option: Sometimes we say that things are natural when we receive them from our parents at conception, or when they come from what we receive from our parents at conception.

If that is what natural means, then “natural” is the opposite of “supernatural.” In this sense, it is natural to have two arms and two legs, because we receive two arms and two legs from our parents.

But it’s also a logically flawed move: it pretends that we are denying a group of people equal access to an institution, when in fact the members of that group have always been free to enter that institution, yet since they have no real interest in doing so, are now asking to create a new institution in its place. That depends on whether all the premises in the argument are true.

Let’s take a look at the first premise: “What is natural is good.” Is that true?

In this case, “natural” is the opposite of “unusual.” For example, according to the ordinary course of events, people are born with 46 chromosomes. Assuming that all of them were born with sexual desires oriented towards members of the same sex (and that is an assumption, not a proven fact), being born with sexual desires oriented towards members of the same sex is unusual, not natural.Patriarch Kirill, the highest religious authority in the country and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, claimed that legalizing gay marriage runs contrary to the fundamental moral fabric of society and would cause people to revolt.Related: Russia investigates Chechnya's bloody anti-gay purge“So-called homosexual marriages” threaten family values, he was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti and reported by .He also said he would consider appointing justices to the Supreme Court who would favor reversing the decision and leave the issue of same-sex marriage to the states. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said Monday that laws legalizing same-sex marriage are as immoral as those passed by Nazis in Germany.

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