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lonoceocy and pleasure of a Note by the Editor, .... If such inventions were pradiiccd by the de- scendants nf Cain, who imitated him in hi»t apostasy, and contributed so much to the moral dfganenegr «f fhs aatd Ulv Tl M wwld, It en hardly be suppaaed that the righteotis dmnd- ants of Seth, men who railed on the name of the Lord, were behind them in any branch af kuowle^lge th HI ndly Xn Sf KBTATI neither oars, sails, rudder, nor anchor ; and was therefore not adapted for Miiliug, but floating; for we are tuld that W waa borxt, or wmi tpm tjgjtosofrtewiiiww.

CAuj^MVir Ji^flfb 18m» Digitized by Google CONTENTS. F'nmnin tufa imm ilim^mn • mri mnt orditutf men deitcriptio; tn»dta etiam ittarum ar- 1 now bo wil Unf to qnit 00 de Ught- made as to the duration of trees and flowers." To the trees and plants designed for thf n«»urish- ment of man with their fruits, and for the oinietan of ohlpo and odifieesk eh* lu M granted years and even ages of time. 6 f Vindiift;ae mendsx, sibore nunc aqoss ('ul;iaiiti', iiiiiic iniri'iitij agroa Si and »in, it was rommandfd lo him, aad ia hia funoa to all bis deaoiod-

Mankind, al- ready corrupted, would cooacquro Uy become rap Ulj aai eztna Toly wkkod, aad tha this depra Tity fipom recurrinu in all that I form tn which it had prerioualy appeannl, tho* th« different rcf iona of th« pootdiht Tiaa ieaign of God in the coa Auioa of laiig at ihf building of the tower of Babel.

Ao so is a poi Nc M %tn A nl Mi, •Ihi i Mffavhy of the oalidil BTiaao would be a po Tr»rfijl prinriple of increase.

It may be aaked, en the prindplea af Goguat, hnw these fpw fnmilies retained their civiliration, and became not savages Like the rest ; as, accord- ing to him they were placed in the same calam- iftona state with attthi Mat; fsr heafiraie that all without exception were at the building of this tower, and niu*t therefore h.'ivc share«i the same fate ? nsme pffwu In cir- j bnll-Hrii^' of t Mm tower, b MDnie tyagm In pciecueiy aimiiar.

Althntijjh it be now impowdble to trace up all lani^u-u^es to one common root, or primitive tongue. Lp Lf,& of tracing them to one common origin, that nn more di.sprovp« s ho My, that all mankind* hut n hiw faniilier^ excepted, led the life of savages and barbarians ; that their state waa exactly that of the Cydope or on»«ycd giantoof Uawr?

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