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Later, in the garbage dump, you can find discarded yellow dialog options. Saving the pie Toriel bakes you until the very final fight against Asgore, and eating it in front of him during the fight, will weaken his attacks and defense, making the fight easier. You have several different options when confronting the very first enemy in the game, the dummy.

You can try Toriel's suggestion of talking to it, you can repeatedly "spare it", you can fight (kill it) and be scolded by Toriel, or you can repeatedly (about 10 times) "miss" the fight bar when attacking, until the dummy "tires of your aimless shennanigans" and leaves the battle.

For example, the sliding switch puzzle (that Papyrus says looks like his face), if you badger him enough he will reveal there is a switch hidden in the pine tree that allows you to bypass it without solving it.

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The pastebin file is even worse formatted than the text file, so I wouldn't recommend using that. " Mercy "That's a little on- the-nose, isn't it...? Hard Mode ends at the end of the ruins in a humerous sequence, where it is implied the dog was the one that ate Toriel's pie Dialog option: Frisk "Warning: this name will make your life hell. " A few more names can be found in the text dump (see the introduction to this guide). In Hard Mode, Toriel will mess up her pie and bake you a "snail pie" instead. Three are obviously visible, and the fourth is on a crack in the wall if inspected 6.If you try exiting any of the screens where Papyrus is present on a puzzle, he will comment along the lines of that he made the puzzle too hard or that the human is escaping. If you complete the pascificst / neutral / true pascifist endings (haven't tried this after genocide), upon leaving the ruins and meeting Sans for the first time you'll turn around and shake his hand before he prompts, to his amazement.You can also trigger this dialog on your first run by doing the normal handshake, quitting and reloading a save before the handshake, so your character "knows what is coming". Upon exiting the ruins, if you examine the nearby rock there is a hidden camera (presumably, Alphys).On that note there is a hidden camera in every area The tree behind Papyrus' "sentry station". At one point while you're in Snowdin, Sans offer to sell you some fried snow for an exorbatant fee, more money than there is in the game.The lump of snow to the left of the "snowdecahedron". The tree behind the sentry station near the dog sculptor. If you cheat and edit your game save so you actually have this amount he'll still refuse, saying the snow is too valuable to sell. All dog enemies can be befriended in one turn by using the stick weapon (the weapon you start out with) in battle, prompting a game of fetch. Lesser dog can be befriended after a few pets in battle, however he can continued to be pet many times, causing his head to grow in lenght by a small amount each time.

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