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He showed the evidence, one of which, in the form of Egyptian papyrus, Ipuwer, which is stored in the museum Leiden, The Netherlands.

The Papyrus tells about things that are similar to the narrative in the Gospels.

Scientific studies have consistently shown that the height of the face of the world's oceans dropped by 5,5-6 meters worldwide, about 3600 years ago.

Therefore sea water in an amount as much as it could not disappear or evaporate just like that, suddenly, the cause must be a geological change. Perhaps there is also a vast land that come to the surface. Daly observed that in so many places around the world, there is the appearance of the shoreline as deep as 18-20 feet (5,5-6 meters) uniform.

The fact that the civilization dates back to 2600 BCE, a finding which is amazing because assumptions change scientists on the development of early civilization in the Andes mountains. Sandweiss of the University of Maine, the extinction of civilization as well as the condition of the current technology is not yet able to estimate the conditions of the decades ahead.

Documentation in fact carried out by the National Academy of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

The cause is unknown but the fact is well documented. In the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the islands of incoming Kep.

Samoa but scattered around two hundred miles (321 km), the emergence of the same well proven. Helena in the South Atlantic, lavanya interrupted by dry caves under the sea, the floors are covered by gravel that has been weathered by water, but dusty because untouched waves. In the caves and the beaches of Cape of Good also proved its appearance is now more or less uniform and up to 20 feet.

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    These days it is no longer uncommon to see couples of different cultures holding hands or even displaying their affection publicly in Philippine parks, tourist destinations, beaches, malls, and just about anywhere.

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    Hence the division of this article into two parts: (I) Biblical Epoch, (II) Christian Epoch. The Bible, however, insists over and over again on the true origin of the name: "Cariath-Arbe the father of Enac, which is Hebron" ( Joshua ; ). It appears under the form Cheburo on Egyptian monuments of the second milennium B. Isaac and Jacob dwelt at Mambre, and it was from the "vale of Hebron" that Joseph was sent towards Sichem and Dothain to inquire after his brethren ( Genesis , 17 ).