The inbetweeners top 10 moments online dating

Karl’s unique take on life is certainly compelling, but you’ll soon find yourself agreeing with his questionable logic.“If Dracula can’t see his reflection in a mirror,” he reasons, “how come his center parting is so perfect? Doctor Martin Ellingham, however, isn’t so appreciative of Cornwall’s beauty.

The pair met Karl Pilkington at a radio station called XFM, immediately becoming friends despite Gervais’ casual verbal abuse (especially about Karl’s strangely spherical head).

Jerry Lee Lewis says rock ‘n’ roll is ‘temptation, fornication and damnation’ so I suspect not.

Oh Greg Davies – you Yeti-sized ‘magnificent beast’.

I like to think there’s something here for everyone, and hopefully, you’ll invest in a few of these and use them as entry points for an array of other great British comedies. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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