Who is debbie reynolds dating

We had a wonderful son and daughter [Todd and Carrie Fisher]," she recalled of her relationship with Fisher before his affair.

"But, obviously, I was incorrect about that, you know? I was happy, I was in love, but obviously he was not."The actress added, "[Eddie]'s like a good race horse: he gets off really, really good, and then he loses the race."Reynolds said that it felt like she was the last one to know about her husband's romance with Taylor, and remembered the moment she found out that they were seeing each other.

He’s also got some experience in this arena, having lent his voice to animated projects before, including ?? Of course, not everyone’s happy about the Reynolds casting."We were all the best of friends, so there's nothing wrong with that.So, to my mind, there was nothing wrong with that," she said.The ending of ours, later years, I mean, I really owe Elizabeth a favor for breaking that whole situation.But I don't blame her for the break, I blame Eddie for the break.

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