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He's just right here, playing tough guy up against cold-hearted Brian Keith and buddy/big brother/love-interest to model Anne Bancroft, who gets caught in this crime web and yet doesn't seem to mind.Despite a sluggish start and a few details that don't come together (such as why the crooks' car runs off the road in Wyoming, or why the two bank-robbers don't follow Aldo Ray when he runs through the river with the satchel of loot), director Jacques Tourneur handles the criss-crossing plot with buttery ease.James Vanning (Aldo Ray) portrays an innocent man on the run, being pursued by the criminals who stupidly misplaced their take from the crime and think he has it or knows where it is hidden.Add model Marie Gardner (Anne Bancroft) who crossed paths with nice guy Vanning, while he is on the run." Even though the car is basically going down a straight road in a fairly straight line (no evidence of driving crazy enough to go off the road).

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Most of the country is a highland plateau with little rainfall for most of the year.The plateau is enclosed by two mountain chains, the Sierra Madre Oriental to the east and Sierra Madre Occidental to the west.There is tropical rain forest in parts of the South and the Gulf coast.Some 75 to 90 percent of Mexico's 95 million people are of mixed European (mostly Spanish) and Amerindian descent.Mexico is the world's largest Spanish-speaking nation. About 7 or 8 percent also speak an Amerindian language as their native tongue.

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